What is the most controversial opinion regarding global warming?



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    Perhaps the most controversial opinion that surrounds global warming is whether or not it is occurring at all. Despite the fact that world scientists are in near complete agreement–that climate change (including global warming) is taking place, and that human activity is a primary cause–the media often continues to portray it as controversial. Individual climate change skeptics have arguments to suggest that it is a natural process, that there is no consensus, that the Earth is cooling, that models are unreliable, etc. etc. These arguments are repeated and often taken as fact, but science again and again has disproved them.

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      I definitely think that humans are having an effect on global warming but do you think their effect is bigger or smaller than the effect of the environment itself?

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      The natural environment constantly, and violently, changes. Sometimes more gradually, and sometimes “overnight”–and this did not start with the dawn of humankind. Some of the changes that we have made to our natural environment, especially in the last few centuries, differ and in my opinion are far more dangerous than natural changes. Invasive species such as carp into the Great Lakes, and English ivy into northern foretsts, create a real problem. Pollution into the air, water, and soil at insane levels, and on a global scale, is beyond natural. Poisoning the sea, overfishing, islands of garbage larger than Texas–I cannot be convinced that this is only the modern manifestation of nature’s grand design.

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    I agree with serenidade. The most controversial opinion about global warming is that it doesn’t exist — primarily, that human activity is doing nothing to accelerate the process.  There is an inordinate amount of evidence supporting that this is true, yet some people still choose to completely ignore the facts. 

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