What is the most common use for recycled tires?



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    The majority of old tires (45%) are burned for fuel.  Tires contain about the same amount of energy as oil and with fewer emissions than coal. 

    Tires not burned for fuel can be reused whole for crash barriers and bumpers, or ground into crumb rubber for use in shoes, belts, floor mats, and other items.

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    Most old tires that are recycled are burned for fuel, for example as part of a mix that is burned in cement kilns that also includes ground wood and other materials.  Some old tires are also used whole for safety barriers and in land reclamation projects, chopped for use as mulch, or ground and used to manufacture new products. 

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    Another great use for old tires is for plants and flowers.  The rubber is a great insulator to keep them warm in the cooler months.

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