What is the most common type of trash in our landfills?



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    Landfill waste is commonly made up by organic waste (36%), paper (19%), construction and demolition materials (17%), potentially hazardous material (8%), plastic (7%), metal (6%), glass (2%), and other, uncategorized waste (5%).  

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    Predictably, things that could have been disposed of in more environmentally-sustainable ways. So many people seem not to think before they toss. Some items include:
    plastic bags
    plastic bottles
    plastic containers (such as empty milk jugs and empty laundry detergent bottles, yogurt containers, other empty food containers, styrofoam,
    plastic cups, plates, forks, knives, spoons
    disposable diapers
    plastic packaging from toys, tools, etc.
    tin and other metals
    aluminum cans, aluminum foil, plastic wrap, wrapping paper, grocery bags, ribbon, brown lunch bags

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