What is the most common type of shark used for shark fin soup?



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    There are many shark species used for shark fin soup. Shark conservationists are actually banning shark fin soup because they were killing far too many sharks. I hope this link helps.

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      The way they treat the animals when cutting off their fins for the soup is terrible, just throwing them back in the water after they have removed their fins. I really hope that we can ban this soup or at the very least figure out a way to make it less damaging to the shark populations.

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    There is not one particular type of shark that is more desirable over another in order to make shark fin soup.  All the fishermen are looking for is the fin.  They don’t care about the rest of the shark, which is why this practice is so awful.  When they cut off the shark’s fin, they immediately through the shark back into the ocean.  Without their fins, the sharks can’t move, so they sink to the ocean floor, get picked at by other fish and stay there until they die.  It’s also very distressing to know that if sharks end up on the path of true extinction, the world just lost one of the top predators on the food chain, which could cause major shifts in the ecosystems around the world.  With my recent travels to China, I saw Shark Fin Soup on the majority of menus as well as witnessing some people consuming it.  It was so sad to think that the life of the shark that was used to make the soup was sadly cut short.

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