What is the most common type of edible mushroom to be found in the wild?



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    Morels are a common and popular edible mushroom that can be found on damp forest floors and near wooded streams.  The defined ridges and depressions in the cap give this fungi a number of nicknames including Sponge Mushroom and Honeycomb Mushroom.  There are three species of morals that are the most common: the Common Morel, the Half-Free Morel, and the Black or Smokey Morel.  See the picture below for illustrated differences.  Morels have a light flavor and can be fried, stewed, or baked.  See the citation below for more common wild edible mushrooms.

    L to R: Common Morel, Half-Free Morel, Black Morel

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    If you live in the Northwest of the USA or in a similarly temperate region, keep an eye out for the Chantrelle mushroom. You can find them all over in wet, forests regions. They have a golden flowering component (the part that’s above ground) and the are delicious fried or in salads or whatever. There are several recipes for eating Chantrelles, just make sure you clean the properly.

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    Porcini mushrooms are historically one of the most popular to harvest in the wild.

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