What is the most common type of coffee for people to buy in the store?



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    If by “type” you mean brand, then Nescafe is the most common brand of coffee sold throughout the world.  It is produced by the Nestle company and is instant coffee.  Instant coffee(the kind you just add hot water to) was invented by the Japanese in the early 1900s. 

    Starbucks coffee is the most common throughout the United States.  The first coffee was made in Ethiopia. 

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    People are most likely buying Arabica coffee which comes from the Coffea arabica tree which makes up 75% of coffee production in the world.  The Coffea canephora is the other popular tree which produces another well known variety, Robusta.  The Liberica is another tree that contributes to coffee production, although minimally.  It is a minor crop and more similar to the Robusta than Arabica.  These three are the most popular although there are more than 60 different species of coffee trees.  

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