What is the most common tree in the world?



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    The Red Alder is a tree that is one of the most commonly grown in the world because it grows usually in soil that is unhealthy and in areas that have been burnt down or barren. It is a healer tree, since it helps the soil get better by adding nutrients to it.

    The Green Ash, The White Ash, Quaking Aspen, and American Beech are also extremely common.

    There is a whole list here:


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    This is a difficult question because of the array of different geographic landscapes and climate. There is an article that lists the top ten trees that are most commonly found.  1. Red Alder 2. Green Ash 3. White Ash 4. Quaking Aspen 5. American Beech 6. American Basswood 7. Paper Birch 8. River Birch 9. Yellow Birch 10. Maple Boxelder

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    I wish the list cited in the other answers indicated some basis for its rankings. Pardon my skepticism, and I am not a forester, but it is just about inconceivable to me that trees that I’ve never even seen could be on such a top-ten list, when pines (and yes I know there’s more than one species of pine) cover thousands of square miles; likewise maples and others that are dominant in huge swaths of northern deciduous forests. I’f really like to see a list that has some scientific backing, rather than one that gives the impression of great subjectivity.

    The list cited gets repeated a lot, but that in itself does not increase its validity.

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