What is the most common supplement taken?



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    According to a recent study, the most popular dietary supplement would be fish oil, taken by over 75% of the survey group.  General multivitamins, Vitamin D and calcium were all runners up for the most common supplement used by Americans.  


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    According to a survey by ConsumerLab.com, the most commonly used supplement by the end of 2010 was fish oil, followed by multivitamins, vitamin D, and calcium. The survey was based on answers from 6000 subsribers to the ConsumerLab.com e-newsletter across the country.

    The market research firm SIMS agrees.  Combined sales of supplement oils in 2010 were $424.12 million.  The next closest number in sales was for vitamin C at $212.59 million , vitamin B at $210.46 million, multivitamins at $202.95 million, and glucosamine and controitin at $177.82 million.

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