What is the most common metal for building?



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    Steel.  While aluminum and tin often offset their higher cost with a lower density, more flexibility, etc., steel is still the most commonly used metal for building.  Often, large buildings like skyscrapers use a concrete foundation that is reinforced by steel – steel (an alloy made mostly of iron) has by far the most strength, flexibility and durability among the building metals.

    Other building metals include titanium and chrome.

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    Steel is the most common metal used for buildings.  It is strong and durable, making it perfect for construction.  Consisting mostly of iron, a percentage of carbon is added depending upon the grade of steel desired.

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    It is widely agreed that steel, made from iron, is the most commonly used metal building material. Steel is used to create the frames of buildings and its strength allows to make buildings several stories high. In personal homes, steel is not as prevalent metal materials such as aluminum would be most common.

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