What is the most common major in the world?



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    Business is the most common major at colleges.  Probably because it’s practical and business makes the world turn round.  Students can be pretty sure of a job right out of college with a business major.

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    The Princeton Review lists Business Administration and Management/Commerce as the number one most popular major among universities and colleges in general. The major teaches you accounting, human resources, marketing, economics, finances, which are all applicable to every organization (non profit, governmental, for private) You learn how to budget, manage, organize, plan, direct, control various operations within the work environment. It is followed by Psychology, which is useful in communication and dealing with personnel. Nursing rounds out the top 3 as nurses are always needed everywhere and tailor to those who are scientifically inclined and passionate in the subject. 

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    The US Department of Education reports that in 2008-2009 out of the total number of bachelor’s degrees conferred (1,601,000) the most were conferred in business (348,000). Next most popular were the social sciences and history (169,000) then health sciences (120,000), then education (102,000). In terms of Master’s Degrees, the most were in education (179,000) and then business (168,000). At the doctorate level the most degrees were awarded in health and clinical science (12,100), then education (9,000), then engineering (7,900), then biological and biomedical sciences (7,000), then psychology (5,500), and then physical sciences (5,000). 

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