What is the most common language in the world?



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    Mandarin Chinese is the most common language, with 1.051 billion speakers (873 million of whom are native speakers), estimated in 2005.

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    It depends on the way one looks at it.

    If you are simply going by the amount of native speakers these would be the top 3 (the most recent survey from 1999):

    1. Chinese (937,132,000 people)
    2. Spanish (332,000,000 people)
    3. English (322,000,000 people)



    If you are going by how many countries speak the language it would be:

    1. English (115 countries)
    2. French (35 countries)
    3. Arabic (24 countires)


    And finally, if you are going by both primary and secondary speakers together it would be:

    1. Mandarin Chinese (1.12 billion people)
    2. English (480 million people)
    3. Spanish (320 million people)


    *For more results and information see the link below.

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    The most common language in the world is Mandarin, which is spoken in Brunei, Cambodia, China, Indonesia, Malaysia, Mongolia, Philippines, Singapore, S. Africa, Taiwan, and Thailand among other countries. About 1120 millions of people around the world speak Mandarin, ranking it the most widely used language.  

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