What is the most common “green job” in the US?



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    In March 2012, the US government released an estimate of how many green jobs there were in the United States. The government estimated that 3.1 million people are employed with green jobs. The Bureau of Labor Statistics’ definition of a “green” job are “jobs  in businesses that produce good and services that benefit the environment or conserve natural resources”. They  spent a year to calculate that green jobs account for 2.4% of the total employment in 2010. Green jobs mean that these jobs are environmentally friendly and according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, the most common green job is jobs relating to manufacturing with an estimate of 461,847 employed in manufacturing. The second most popular job is in green construction with an estimate of 372, 077 employed in that field.

    President Obama has vowed to create five million new green jobs. His administration has invested tens of billions of dollars of federal stimulus money in effort of reducing energy use, cleaning up the environment, and to create jobs during the recession.


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