What is the most common gas in space?



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    mquieb answered this one a year and a half ago, giving Wikipedia as a reference, although what she said is more an answer to: “What is the most common element in the universe?”

    The Astronomical Society of the Pacific page is more entertaining than Wiki on this (as often happens, experts have more interesting things to say than people who are just copying from other sources, but we’ll pass on that point, for now. Also, if their Web site is any indication, the ASP seems to be slightly loony.)

    Among their many points are that gas makes up 99% of the raw material in space, and hydrogen is the most common gas. Next are helium, nitrogen and oxygen. Then they get off on another set of points, including the “Cosmic Decoders Card Set”, but of course we’re too saavy to fall for that kind of ploy.

    Hope that answered your question, something just came up.

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    Hydrogen is the most abundant gas, let alone element in space. It is utilized in many celestial bodies, stars and planets, and is necessary for stars to burn they way they do. It is because of this overabundance that scientists believe that one day when space travel is as common as getting into one’s car, hydrogen may be harnesses as a fuel for space travel. Hydrogen is said to make up roughly 3/4 of all matter.

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