What is the most common flight in America?



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    According to Financial Times, the most popular flight in the U.S. was, as of January 2009, Los Angeles to New York City. I doubt that this has changed of the past couple of years. This was the second most popular flight in the world, with the most popular (by around 400,000 annual passengers) being Hong Kong to Taipei.

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    The most common and busiest short haul flight was New York LaGuardia-Boston Logan as it is a commuter flight, with Los Angeles Basin to San Francisco right behind it as the most heavily traveled long-haul route, for the same reason.

    Cited at the attached link, is some of the busiest air routes in 2009, gropued by lumping all metropolitan airports together, to use as encouragement for high-speed rail, and it presents some persuasive information for that as an option.

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