What is the most common breed of dog for rescue animals?



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    I couldn’t find an actual statistic but based on what I see on Animal Cops on Animal Planet, Pit Bulls are probably the most rescued breed, because so many people raise and breed them to be fighting dogs. Interestingly though, Chihuahuas are becoming more common to, due largely to fact they are purchased as an accessory rather than seen as something that needs to be taken care of, and then given up when actual care comes into play. They are the second most euthanized breed behind pit bulls. Our local shelter just took in 20 from an LA rescue.

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    I can’t find a statistic either that seems to provide the answer to your question, but from my own personal knowledge I would think it would be a combination of toy breeds. Despite Animal Planet’s focus on pit bulls as a misunderstood breed (which, they are) most puppy mills focus on what breeds they can profit from and currently I would think toy breed are the most common – poodles, yorkies, dachshunds, and perhaps the maltese. 

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