What is the most bike friendly city in Oregon?



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    On a list of the 11 most bicycle friendly cities in the world, Portland, Oregon came up second, only behind Amsterdam. Portland has hundreds of miles of bike trails through and around the city. There is an extensive network of bike lanes in the city and it is becoming more and more popular to commute on bicycle. There is even a program for low income adults to set them up with bicycles for commuting.

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    Portland is the most friendly bike city in Oregon. It is also the 2nd best bike friendly city in the nation.

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    If you are from Eugene, it is Eugene, and if you are from Portland, it is Portland.

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    Bicycling Magazine has just released their list of the most bike friendly cities within the United States. Within Oregon, three cities made the cut. Portland took second overall, Eugene fifth, and Salem nineteenth. Oregon is one of only three states to have three cities in the top 50. Hope this helps!

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