What is the most beautiful shipping container home you can find?



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    Here is a great shipping container home featured on this website: isbu2you.wordpress.com/…/ This site talks about the abundance of reusable shipping containers, and how easy and fun it is to customize a residence while being eco-friendly. 

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    Building with containers is worth taking a look at if you are contemplating a new home.

    Good resource is the <a href=”http://www.ResidentialShippingContainerPrimer.com”>Residential Shipping Container Primer</a> website. A DO IT YOURSELF (DIY) REFERENCE AND FOR CONVERTING RECYCLED INTERMODAL CARGO SHIPPING CONTAINERS INTO BUILDINGS AND ARCHITECTURE.

    Lots of example buildings, details, facts, and links to other articles.  They have something new that you can setup your own project wiki to get help with your project if you are the design build sort…

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    Here is a free book that showcases the 30 most influential Shipping Container Homes ever built.


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