what is the most beautiful and the most ugly thing on earth


  1. raj
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    The Beauty of the thing lies in the eyes of the Beholder.

    One Man’s Paradise is another Man’s Hell.

    What I consider a Beauty may be something Ugly for you.

    Hence, The most beautiful thing in this world is what you consider beautiful, and what is Ugly?? is once again your choice.

    Some views that might answer your query on the lines of what you asked..

    Preserving Life on this lovely Earth is Beauty, Destroying it is Ugly.

    Being Concerned for everyone on this planet is Beauty, being selfish and self centered is Ugly.

    Helping someone is Beauty, Ignoring someone in need of help is Ugly.

    Love is beauty, Hate is Ugly.

    Peace is Beauty, War is Ugly.

    Life is Beauty , Wasting it is Ugly,

    Life is Beauty, Destroying it is Ugly.

    Nature is Beauty, Desolation is Ugly.


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    Beauty is subjective, so nobody’s going to agree on what the most beautiful thing is. A lot of people think baby birds are ugly, for example, but I think they’re beautiful: 

    I think human waste is ugly and the natural world -and people living in harmony with it – is beautiful. 

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    I agree with the above poster – conceptions of both are entirely dependent on the person. For example, I think this (the Sahara) is beautiful:

    And I think this (Las Vegas) isn’t:

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    Hard to pick, but let’s see…


    Beautiful: Blossoms in spring, when color and life burst.



    Ugly: Strip mines. Look at the little white trucks for scale.




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    This is so subjective that even the same thing can be both beautiful and ugly to a person.  for example, I grew up at the beach and I find it indescribably beautiful to sit on the warm sand and see the ocean shining with what looks like diamonds on it under a deep sapphire blue sky.  But at that same beach after a good rainfall – all I can see is the gray sky, steel colored water – filled with runoff, pollution, smelling funny and I can’t think of anything worse, or uglier right at that moment.  I think waste (of whatever it is, resources, intellect, responsibility) are the ugliest things there are.

  6. mle
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    As has been said, beauty is in the eye of the beholder.  Things I find beautiful:  mountains, running dogs, playing dolphins.

    What do I find ugly? Pain, maliciousness, injury – to each other or the earth.


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    I find that the most beautiful things in the world are those rare, natural phenomenons that astound the mind with their awe-inspiring beauty – sights that make you stop and appreciate the wonders of the natural world.  For instance, the Northern Lights:


    I’d have to say I consider manifestations of man’s greed and the pilaging of earth’s beauty in satisfaction of our selfish desires as the ugliest thing in the world.  The abuse of innocence goes hand in hand with that idea, as seen in this heart-wrenching photo:


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    I think that forests are amazingly beautiful. Whether it’s summer, fall, winter, or spring, there’s just something graceful and visually captivating about them. Plus, I love the vivid colors.

    As for ugly, I think that violence that injures people or animals is horrific. And I don’t want to sound mean, but the fish that live way at the bottom of the ocean are pretty scary-looking too.

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    This is pretty ugly to me:

    behold the Great Pacific Garbage Patch. Scientists estimate this is twice the size of Texas now, a mass of garbage (mostly plastic) floating in the Pacific Ocean between San Francisco and Hawaii. 


    I love the ocean (as evidenced by my “most ugly” pick) and my favorite color is yellow, its such a happy color, so this seemed perfect. 

    Qinghai Lake

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    Human culture.  Humans have the ability to create beautiful art that models our deepest experiences here on earth.  That same culture is also used to wage horrible wars against ourselves and the environment.

    Photo Credit, http://iasos.com/artists/alexgrey/

    Photo Credit, http://iasos.com/artists/alexgrey/

    Photo Credit, http://jspivey.wikispaces.com/Vietnam+War+EKPhoto Credit, http://jspivey.wikispaces.com/Vietnam+War+EK

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    The natural world is the most beautiful. Maybe creation is the most beautiful. The bringing of new life into the world, to sustain life, or create art, music, medicine, technology that can be a positive contribution to the world.

    I think human greed and ignorance can be the most ugly things on the planet. 

    Mountaintop removal, a mining process used in order to get coal out of mountains.


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    I think that the most beautiful thing on earth is any large body of water. I grew up in Cleveland, OH right off of Lake Erie and I would love it when we went to the beach or out on a boat. The sounds. echoes, smell, and feel of the lake is embedded in my mind and heart. The ugliest thing on earth for me is a cockroach. Here in Arizona, we have large sewer roaches that love the heat and come up at night for half of the year and I just can’t stand them! They are large, creepy, nasty, gross things with their legs and antennas that wave at you right before they try to escape from getting killed, yuck!

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