What is the most endangered animal in America?



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    It is hard to pin one animal as the most endangered in America, but one species that is very endangered in the black footed ferret.  In lives in the few remaining prairie dog colonies left in the midwest.  It has been threatened by loss of habitat.  Another highly endangered species is ivory billed woodpecker.  It was thought to be extinct for decades till one was found in Arkansas in a wildlife sanctuary in 2004. 

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    Perhaps the most endangered animal in the Americas is the Whooping crane. Standing at nearly five feet tall, it is a relative of the heron and other water birds and is well known for its distinctive cry that can carry as far as two miles. Whooping cranes began to see falling populations as soon as man settled their traditional migratory routes between Canada and the southern United States. As of 2007, less that sixty of these birds remained in the wild.

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