What is more important, biodiversity conservation or happiness in humans?



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    The conservation of biodiversity and happiness in humans are in many ways one in the same. Without biodiversity many medicines will go undiscovered. Many find biodiversity in nature a source of happiness. Biodiversity is what makes earth such a wonderful planet, thus they go hand in hand. I do not believe that taking precautions to conserve biodiversity on earth will impede on anyone’s true happiness.

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    Many humans are very happy when they are in nature. We like to visit local and national parks and children of all ages enjoy watching spiders or otters or a flower bloom. It is very important that we conserve our environment and the biodiversity within it. If we focus on conservation of biodiversity, people will be very happy because they will have areas to relax and many plants and animals to watch, learn about, and enjoy. Both can be enjoyed by humans.

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    The question isn’t what’s more important, its really more about how human and natural systems can coincide with each other while staying balanced. If you think about it, a lot of human happiness comes from biodiversity. When we maintain a healthy environment, it benefits us as a human race. This is because when the earth can provide for us, while being sustained, we are free to consume and dispose of products without worrying about what’s its doing to the planet. If we could do this, people will be happy, and so with our environment.


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    The truth of the matter is that humans depend on biodiversity. Without biodiversity we could not survive, as the ecosystems would function differently. Diversity allows the natural system to adapt to disease, severe weather, and climate change.

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