What is the moral debate of aquaponics?

What is the moral debate of aquaponics?



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    There is some limited debate as to the efficiency of aquaponics. Depending on what types of fish you are trying to raise, some of the fish are fed the by-products of other fish, thereby making the process somewhat inefficient. Tilapia, however, can survive on duckweed alone. There is also the issue of keeping animals in captivity for human consumption. For serious vegetarians and animal lovers this in and of itself is a concern.

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    Honestly, the only real problem I seem to be able to find with aquaponics is the fact that fish food is often derived from fish meal that can contribute to the ongoing depletion of wild fish stocks. Otherwise it seems like a great system — fish produce fertilizer for plants, the plants clean the fish waste from the water, purifying it for the fish, and eventually you have both fish and produce which can be harvested for food.

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    There seems to be no moral debate over aquaponics. If anything aquaponics is the advent of a new age of efficiency in hydroponics because of the nutrient rich water it creates.

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