What months can you catch crabs?



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    On the west coast (Oregon and Washington, mostly), guided crab fishing tours are offered from September to January- the peak crab fishing months.  It is said that the best months for crabbing end in the letter ‘r.’  Remember to get a fishing permit and check local regulations for catch size limits.

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    Guided crab tours may be limited to certain months, but crabbing in general is open year-round in some places in Washington State, like along the Columbia River. Areas with limited crab fishing close on September 5th, but it really depends on where you’d want to “fish” for crabs.

    There are many regulations concerning what you can keep when crab fishing; for instance, some places require you to release all females back into the water.  Be sure to check the regulations in your areas of interest.

    The map at this web site shows the common places in Washington State for crab fishing and their seasons and regulations.

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