What months are Strawberries in season?



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    Strawberries are usually at their best during the summer months (mid-June through late-August). However, new technological advances in agriculture have made strawberries available year round. Speaking from personal experience, I can go to Walmart and get decent strawberries in the months of February and March. But, they don’t even come close to the fresh, amazing tast of strawberries that you can pick yourself at a local farmers’ market in the middle of summer.

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    I agree wholeheartedly with nellieliz4. Off-season strawberries don’t taste nearly as good as the natural ones that were grown in the summer. The difference in taste could be due to the fact that people grow off-season strawberries in an artificial environment without soil. I don’t think that using artificial environments to grow strawberries is the best thing for the environment, so I try to avoid off-season strawberries whenever possible. Here is a description of how strawberries are grown during winter months:

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