What is Monsanta?



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    Monsanta appears to be a common misspelling of the word Monstanto.  Monsanto sells seeds, traits developed through biotechnology, and crop protection chemicals.  Their methods have become controversial due to genetically modifying crops.  They are also the world’s leading producing of the product known as Round-Up.

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    Monsanto is an agriculture company that develops new products for farmers to increase the success and growth of agriculture. They strive to maximize the potential growth of crops while practicing sustainability. 

    They sell products such as herbicides and seed products and are constantly researching for new innovative ways to improve agriculture.

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    Monsanto is a company that is experimenting with genetically modified organisms. They are a huge corporation that makes and sells fertilizers and pesticides. For the most part, a healthy organic farm can survive without anything from Monsanto. They are making the farming industry more corporate and more efficient even if it means harming the environment.

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