What monkeys are most closely related to humans? Where are they found?



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    Bonobos and common chimpanzees are the primate most closely related to humans, yet are the least well known of the African great apes. Discovered in 1935 and found only in DR Congo, some populations remain relatively isolated within the low-lying forests south of the Congo River

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    A recent controversial study concluded that orangutans, not chimpanzees, are the closest living relatives to humans. The study was based on physical characteristics that humans and orangutans share, unlike previous studies that overlooked these factors and focused more on genetic evidence, which the authors of this new study say is somewhat flawed because of the high likelihood that the data includes broadly shared DNA traits among groups of animals. They found that humans share at least 28 unique physical characteristics with orangutans, but only 2 with chimps and 7 with gorillas. The study is being met with caution from other scientists

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