What is a mole crab?



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    Mole crabs are in the genus Emerita and are oval-shaped crustaceans. They are common on the Atlantic and Pacific coasts of North and South America. Other names for them are sand crabs, sea pigs and beach hoppers.

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    Mole crabs, more commonly known as sand crabs, are one of the smallest types of crab out there. They have five pairs of legs (as typical of all crabs), but have no pincers. Rather than scuttling sideways, the way we normally picture crabs moving, these little babies only move backwards.

    They live in burrows they make in the sand on the shores of the Pacific and Atlantic Ocean, digging deep enough to hide from preying shorebirds but shallow enough to fliter edible microorganisms from ocean waves.

    You can easily find mole crabs on the beach just by digging down a few inches into the sand. They don’t pinch and are relatively docile to handle.

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