What modern day animal best represents a dinosaur?



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    Surprising as it may be, the dinosaur’s closest modern relative is actually the chicken, a distant descendant of the formidable T-Rex:

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    I think crocodiles resemble dinosaurs with their jagged rows off teeth and their pointed scaly tails. The oldest crocodile fossil is dated back to 250 million years ago. This is one old prehistoric looking species. [img_assist|nid=191139|title=Croc|desc=|link=none|align=left|width=640|height=483]

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    I would say that the Rhino is. They are big, mean looking, have tough skin and horns, but at the same time are generally harmless. Also, they are very much in danger of going extinct like the dinosaurs before them. 

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    At the Kelvingrove Museum in Glasgow, they have a stuffed lizard that is an example of the only species that survived relatively unchanged from the time of the dinosaurs.

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    I think just your common every day household lizard resembles a dinosaur the most…in fact when I see a lizard – that is what I say….”Hey look at that little green dinosaur”

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    The bone structures of many dinosaurs are actually likened to those of birds. Although most dinosaurs, with a few acceptions, did not have wings, dinosaurs strutted and moved much like non-flying birds – similar, perhaps, to a chicken. Other close relatives to dinosaurs are, of course, alligators and crocs, which are the largest living reptiles today.

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