What is mistletoe?



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    Mistletoe is a parasitic plant that grows in the middle of a bush or tree. These plants are acutally its “hosts” and mistletoe will often slow their growth, if not kill them with enough of a presence. The parasite is oval with evergreen leaves and small red, poisonous berries.

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    The mistletoe plant is native to the Eastern U.S., and may be found growing on elms, oaks, and poplars. The berries are typically white, and small flowers are either yellow or white. Mistletoe has historical cultural significance in Europe. It was used for pagan celebrations of the winter season. As reported by the University of Illinois, “Mistletoe was so sacred to the Druids that if two enemies met beneath a tree on which mistletoe was growing, they would stop their battle and claim a temporary truce.”

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