what minerals make up limestone?



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    It is composed of mostly (sometimes purely) calcite. Calcite is formed from the remains of orginisms like clams, brachiopads, bryozoa, and other shelled species. Other mineral content in limestone is sand and silt. 

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    Limestone, a calcereous sedimentary rock, is composed mainly of the mineral calcite, or CaCO3. The term also includes other calcareous materials, such as marble, chalk, travertine, and limeshell among others. Limestone also has various purities depending on the presence of calcium molecules and magnesium. If the amount of mineral dolomite exceeds that of 10%, the limestone is termed dolomite limestone, as opposed to that containing 5-10%, which is called magnesium limestone. If the rock contains more than 95% of calcium carbonate, it is referred to as high-calcium limestone.

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