What minerals can be obtained from sewerage ponds?

I have read an article that in China they recovering gold from a septic tank owned by a Jewellery factory. So is it possible to recover any minerals from sewerage ponds under bed? The sewerage are collected from households, business premices and factories septic tanks and pour into the sewerage ponds right? So is there a possibllity to find any valueble minerals?



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    I could not find mention of this project in China, but it would seem logical that wastewater from a jewelry factory could be reclaimed–heavy metals reclamation is commonly done, for example, with sludge from semiconductor production, which contains silver among other things. However, that opportunity is probably unique to facilities (such as jewelry production) that work with a lot of precious metal substances. Given the low quantities of precious metals that find their way into sewer waste from typical households and businesses, there are probably not enough precious metals to make it economically feasible to extract them. However, sewerage ponds may offer another kind of economic benefit: biofuel. Experiments are under way to convert algae in sewerage ponds into usable oil fuels, in much the way that corn and other crops are used for this purpose, but fuels extracted from algae do not require large-scale agriculture (and the land it takes to support it) in order to produce them. This appears to be a promising technology.

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