What might explain the increasing rates of allergies among Americans?



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    The increasing rate of allergies is probably due to the lack of exposure to microorganisms and different irritants as children. Your body builds a lot of immunity during the younger years, and with the advent of antibacterial cleaners and children increasingly staying indoors on computers and playing video games, they are not exposed to the same immune building substances as before. Thus, allowing children to play in dirt and outside is beneficial to a strong and healthy immune system.

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    Another issue that has been linked to allergies are the toxins in our homes.  Indoor air pollution is anywhere between five to twenty times worse than the air that we breathe outside.  With our increased time spent indoors, we are being bombarded by a mixture of mold, bacteria, volatile organic chemicals,  and possibly even Chinese drywall just to name a few.  All of these can intensify our allergies.  It’s not hopeless though.  I would recommend removing toxic chemical cleaning products (and replacing them with organic cleaning products) and having a mold testing completed as a start.  This is a non evasive measure to help improve the quality of air in your home.

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