What is the “methane bomb” I keep hearing about?



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    The Methane Time Bomb is referring to the massive amounts of climate change inducing gases frozen in sub-sea regions. Permafrost melts releasing millions of tons of a gas that is far worse than carbon dioxide, 20 times more potent. As the ice thins and disappears, scientists worry that these gases will release into the atmosphere in catastrophically gargantuan amounts. They’re afraid that when this “bomb” explodes global warming will accelerate into full speed. For more facts and descriptions check out the informative article in the website below.

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    The term “methane bomb” refers to the large quantities of methane that are currently trapped in the frozen arctic mud. When global temperatures rise some of this frozen methane will thaw and enter the atmosphere. As this happens the methane will contribute to global warming (it is much more effective greenhouse gas than carbon dioxide) further increasing global temperatures which will in turn release more methane. This will continue in a vicious cycle.

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