What is metamorphism?



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    Metamorphism is the solid-state re-crystallization of pre-existing rocks due to changes in physical and chemical conditions, primarily heat, pressure, and the introduction of chemically active fluids. Mineralogical, chemical and crystallographic changes can occur during this process.

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    Metamorphism is the solid-state change (recrystallization) of sedimentary or igneous rock.  This transformation of the crystalline structure is caused by physical changes in its surroundings, namely heat, pressure and chemical fluids.  There are three types of metamorphism.  

    Dynamic metamorphism is a brittle deformation of the rock, normally along fault zones.  Contact metamorphism is due primarily to the cooling of nearby rocks thats had a drastic temperature increase due to magma flow.  The third type is regional metamorphism which is a result of increased temperature and pressure.  Regional metamorphism occurs in large areas, usually when plates collide.  

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