what metal are most cutlery made of?



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    The most common metal used for the manufacture of cutlery today is inox steel, most commonly known as stainless steel, which in the post-World War II era has come to replace silver (or other alloys plated with silver) as the main material in cutlery. Stainless steel is relatively cheap, durable and doesn’t oxidize as fast as normal steel does (although it’s not truly “stainless”). Another common material for cutlery is called melchior which is a nickel and copper alloy.

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    Most cutlery is made out of steel or stainless steel. It is hard enough a metal that it is strong enough to cut, but then it is malleable enough that it can be sharpened. Stainless steel is mote popular than carbon steels, and is a metal alloy with about 11% nickel, the more nickel the more stain resistant. There is also silver cutlery that is either solid silver or silver plated. There are also Japaneses steel blades that are used by many professionals and are incredibly sharp. 

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