What is the Mercedes sls amg e-cell?



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    The Merecedes SLS AMG E-Cell has yet to be released to the public and is still in the prototype phase of development.  This car features four electric motors and has an unheard of kick at 526hp and 649lb-ft of torque and is capable of going from 0 to 62mph in just four seconds!  The car boasts four options for regenerative braking allowing the driver to control and conserve the motors power usage.  Comfort setting uses only 40% of the motor’s capability.  Sport setting jumps the power usage to 60% and sport plus uses the entire 526hp and torque.  The manual setting acts like the sport plus setting but disables regenerative braking altogether.  This vehicle loaded with additional features, such as, 9-inch LCD touch screen to monitor the vehicle and push button gear shifts, is definitely leading the future of electric cars.  This car is set to hit dealerships in 2013…asking price?…Alot!

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