What is Mercedes BlueEfficiency vehicles?

I get that it is efficient tell me something I don’t know.



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    BlueEFFICIENCY vehicles combine a range of energy-saving innovations to provide savings on fuel and cleaner exhaust emissions, benefiting both drivers and the environment. From the engine to the wheels, everything is optimized for lower emissions and reduced fuel consumption. Advancements include improved aerodynamics, weight reduction,
    lower-displacement engines and ECO start/stop to help save energy. Besides delivering cleaner, more efficient motoring, BlueEFFICIENCY also reduces the cost of running a car. Most of the modifications were made to either the weight of the car or the car’s aerodynamics. In the auto design world, these two items are usually considered low-hanging fruit. In the Blue Efficiency models Mercedes shaved weight with lighter windows, less sound-proofing, and a thinner windshield. To reduce aerodynamic drag the car was lowered, has part of the grill blocked, and had some protrusions like mirrors and door handles optimized. This all makes for a more efficient car that the public is likely not to notice.

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