What is the mentality of a green consumer?



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    A green consumer has their mind on the environmental impact on purchasing particular products.  For example, where is it manufactured in relation to where you are purchasing the good.  How is it produced, is the plant powered by coal, wind, solar, methane?  Is the packaging reusable, recyclable, and mimimized for the product.  Lastly, they will use their own bags rather than using the bags provided by the store.

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    For the most part, I think people are conscientious of their impacts on the environment when they are puchasing goods. This is why they buy what they buy. Some people are doing this for the future generations. They want their kids to live in a land where the air isn’t polluted and the water is clean. Buying organic things also is less detrimental to the environment, and is healthier than processed foods or foods spayed with chemicals. So that means they go green for personal health reasons, too.

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    I hate to say it but some green mentality is following a trend.  But, it’s a good trend to follow….so the more the merrier in this case.  Generally, green thinkers have the intent to better themselves and/or the world…..but you can’t assume motives for everyone.  For some others, people who are at the forefront of technology and curious about new inventions could strictly be interested for informational/experience factors.

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    A green consumer should not only look for products that are environmentally friend and/or organic, but they should also consider how they shop.

    Green consumers should consider taking public transportation, walking, or biking to the store. Otherwise, they could car pool or go less often to conserve gasoline and reduce emissions. They should have reusable bags for their purchases instead of taking paper or plastic. They will likely shop at local farmer markets and local businesses to help reduce waste that goes into the shipping and packaging.

    Green consumers may also shop online and order in bulk to reduce packaging and the environmental cost of delivery.

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    A serious green consumer is someone who cares about their body and the environment, often with the goal of making the world a better place in the uture, which they hope to see.

    I hope this helped!

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    Also being a green consumer means reading your labels and knowing what is in your products!  Buy recycled toilet paper or facial tissue whenever possible.  Your shampooes and conditioners shouldn’t contain chemicals that are detrimental to yourself and waterways.  It’s important to be green educated to be a green consumer.

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    When you think about the word consumer in the context of capitalism and green in the context environmentalism, ‘green consumer’ is sort of an oxymoron. Consumers are in a way machines that buy what’s new, use it, and move on to the next new thing. To me, green means valuing the Earth for its resources, being courteous to it, and, in a way, taking care of it. Consumerism doesn’t reflect that sentiment. Consumerism takes advantage of the Earth. Therefore, I don’t believe you can successfully put these words together, unless you are being satirical.

    I’m not an authority on what being green is, but this is just my idea of what it should be.

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    I would say there are a few different types of green consumers. There are the deep green consumers who purchase organic foods, organic cosmetics and toiletries, and other products without regard to the price increase.

    There are other types of green consumers who try to reuse more and purchase less. These consumers are more likely to shop at second-hand shops for clothing or go to farmer’s markets to get less expensive produce. They may prefer local over organic food. 

    Another type of green consumer is one who tries to purchase greener products when the cost is about the same as other products. They will pay a little bit of a premium, but not a lot. They may only buy greener products when they are on sale. 

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