What measures can an average home owner take to make his property more green?



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    There are several measures that you can take to make your home more green.  The first is to make sure you have a lot of insulation because this will help hold in heat in the winter especially.  Search for drafty areas of your home and make sure that they are as air tight as possible so that your heat and airconditioning are being contained and used most efficiently.  The best thing that you can do is install a green energy system.  You can install a solar energy system at pretty much nothing out of pocket and pay back loans using your government/utility company rebates and the money you save on electricity (I am working with a solar energy company that helps customers work with their banks to do this actually).  If you are in a good area you could also try wind power as well.  With these systems you can not only go green, but eliminate your electricty costs and after your investment save a lot of money.

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    There are many easy and basic steps you can take to make your home more green.  One way is to replace all the lights in your homes with CFLs.  These lights will not only help save energy, but will help your wallet too!  Also, make sure that the all cleaning products in your home (including your personal care products) are environmentally friendly.  Some of my favorite lines are Seventh Generation, Kiss My Face, and Method.  These products will biodegrade easily and do not cause harm to the environment when used.  Another good suggestion is to plant native trees and flowers, and even a garden.  Promoting the growth of native plant species is very important to the local environment.  Growing a garden of your own also helps to save energy and is much healthier for you!

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    Another way to reduce your house’s environmental impact is to invest in Energy Star appliances. Energy Star products meet very strict standards of energy efficiency set down by the EPA and the US Department of Energy. In 2009 Energy Star appliances across the US avoided greenhouse gas emissions equal to those from 30 million cars. Not only do Energy Star appliances save energy, but you also can get federal tax credits from them. 

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    Rain barrels are also a possibility — depending on your location.  Rain barrels can be bought or done DIY (depending on your preference.)  Simple ways to reduce your energy consumption include: making sure appliances are turned off and unplugged while not in use, replacing your light bulbs (as jen mentioned above), using energy star appliances as annie recommended, turning off lights when you’re not in the room, installing low-flow toilets/shower heads/faucets, and recycling/composting.


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