what measures are being taken to protect endangered species in the U.S.?



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    Protection of endangered species varies based on the species in question. Most often, in involves protection of the target animal’s habitat, ceasing all potentially destructive practices having to do with that animals home turf. Additionally, it involves work to repopulate the animal by controlled breeding, captivity, and re introduction into the wild. At times, like with protecting the polar bear, measures can be taken to halt major events, like global warming, explicitly for the purpose of protecting that animals habitat.

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    One thing that the United States government has done to protect endangered species was to create the Endangered Species Conservation Act of 1969. This act lead to the creation of a list of wildlife species that are “threatened with worldwide extinction”, made it a crime to import any wildlife species on that list, and encouraged state and federal agencies to work together to develop a management plan for endangered species.

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