What measures are being taken to keep invasive carp out of the Great Lakes?



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    Right now two main measures are being taken to keep Carp out of the Great Lakes.  The Army Corps of Engineers has set up a low voltage electric barrier blocking Carps’ entrance to the Great Lakes.  The charge is too low to harm humans or kill fish, but thus far is has been effective of keeping fish out.  Another, more desperate measure that has been used has been to poison the water over a 6 mile span.  This decision killed about 100 tons of fish, which were then removed by cranes to be taken to a landfill.  Carp were first introduced to the US in Arkansas in 1963 and have since taken over many of our waterways.  They eat every thing they can get to and have to predators.  They also jump out of the water when they are scared, and that action has seriously injured water skiiers and other tourists.

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