what is meant by conservation of water?



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    Conservation of water generally mean using it sparingly and not wasting it.  Installing efficient toilets and faucets can aid in conservation.

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    Water is a precious resource and it takes a lot of electricity and expense to purify for drinking and other household uses.  Water conservation can mean two different things.  One meaning could be reduction of water usage (ie taking shorter showers and turning the water off while brushing teeth) and the other could mean preserving the natural habitat of aquatic life.

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    Water conservation is the management of water resources to protect and preserve limited water supplies..  It can include strategies such as conserving existing water resources, such as resevoirs and aquifers.  It can also include water rationing, behavioral changes (installing low flow toilets and shower heads).  Another method of water conservation would be to change the source of water, such as using potable reuse instead of importing water.

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    Although many of us aren’t used to water shortages in our homes, the World Bank reports that 40% of the world – more than 2 billion people – have no access to clean water or sanitation. Furthermore, if we continue to use water so carelessly, and at such a cut-throat rate, we WILL experience water shortages on a grand scale here in the US. Water conservation can be practiced in many ways, such as keeping rain barrels below your gutters to catch water, which can then be used to water plants or can be purified for drinking. It means taking shorter showers, perhaps with the help of a 5-minute timer. It means not leaving your sink water running or not using it at all unless you really need to.

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