What is meant by CO2 storage?



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    CO2 can be sequestered by plants. Carbon is stored in plant tissue and as the plant grows it absorbs more CO2 from the environment. If the plant matter is burned CO2 is released back into the environment. However, if the plant matter accumulates in say a wetland it is converted into carbon rich soil where the carbon can be stored in a relatively stable manner and not released back into the atmosphere as CO2. There are other ways to sequester carbon, for example capturing carbon from coal fired plants and then injecting it or burying it.

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    The idea of storing Carbon, particularly from CO2 building up in our atmosphere, is an exciting concept for scientists. This is because it could solve 2 problems. It would allow us to keep Carbon in a form that would not pollute the atmosphere with greenhouse gases. And it could also provide a source of energy if we could figure out how to harness it. In Germany, for example, scientists are working on storing Carbon underground in the cracks of rocks.

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