What materials are used in prefab homes?



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    Prefab homes are most commonly made with materials such as aluminum, plastic, fiber glass, wood, and steel. Other materials used in the construction of prefab homes that are low-cost include composites, calcium silicate, Ferro cement, and straw bale.

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    To expand on the answer above, calcium silicate bricks are strong and durable; Ferro cement consists of a cement matrix reinforced with a mesh of closely- spaced iron rods and wires; and straw bale is a renewable resource that acts as excellent insulation.

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    At EcoSteel we use pre-engineered steel beams that bolt together for the structures frame.  For the exterior we use pre-insulated steel wall and roof panels with a R value of about 8 per inch of thickness.  You can view our website at http://www.ecosteel.com hope this helps.

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