What materials are recycled and used for insulation?



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    The most cost effective insulation made from recycled materials is cellulose insulation.  It is made from a minimum of 75% recycled aper.  It is also specially treated to repel fire and insects.  If you have a little more money on your hands you can get insulation that is made out of recycled blue jeans.  It is very environmentally friendly and provides good sound insulation as well as heat insulation.  The last option is not recycled, but is (sort of) environmentally friendly: soy foam insulation.  I say sort of environmentally friendly because the vast majority of soy grown in the U.S. is genetically modified…. and it is genetically modified because there is such high demand for soy as it can be used for so many things… like insulation.  Soy foam insulation is sprayed and then it expands up to 100 times.  This makes it great for sealing and repelling moisture, mold, and bugs.  It is also the most expensive option.

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