What materials are preferable to others? Is glass better than aluminium? Is aluminium preferable to plastic? Is cardbord preferable to recyclable or bio-degradable plastic?

When shopping, I always try to minimise packaging. but when all choices are bad, which is the better option? To use paper and cardbord that can be composted, trees are cut down, leading to soil errosion, deforestation, loss of habitatand desertification. Glass can almost be returned to it’s original state after use, can be recycled or re-used, but it takes fossil fuels to process. Plastic is poisoning our oceans and us, can be recycled or re-used and requires fossil fuels for processing and also gives off terrible polution, likewise for metals. What are the preferences for a better future? Obviously no packaging is better than some, but when I am stuck with only bad choices, which is better?



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     Glass and aluminum are both easily recycled with little to no degredation in quality (unlike plastic), and both take less energy to recycle than to produce fresh glass or aluminum. Glass is usually not in fact recycled, but (assuming it isn’t broken) is often reused, shipped back to the company that produced the original beverage and cleaned and refilled. If possible, pick glass over aluminum and both over plastic 

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