what is the market size of the eco tourism market

I am looking to put together numbers on the eco tourism market and I am looking for market size, number of travelers with a focus on responsible travel. Can anyone help me with this? I am a college student interested in starting a eco tourism business.



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    You will find considerable disparity in actual numbers and in growth projections. The first link below says ecotourism is the fastest growing segment of the industry, but you can find many who say cultural tourism is the fasted growing. The link gives some figures as to percentage of the market as well.

    The PDF in the second link has interesting numbers as well, but is from pre-recession time.

    I would suggest taking whatever you find with several grains of salt; you will need to determine the nature of the market in your particular area, which could be (probably is) dramatically different than the global average. I would suggest contacting your local state (if in the US, or the equivalent) tourism bureau to discuss numbers more pertinent to your location.

    I’m involved in cultural – historic – nature tourism and it is very sensitive to all kinds of things, including unexpected plusses during the recession and interesing downturns for unexplainable reasons. Very difficult to quantify or predict in a safe way. Good luck.

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