What is a Marine Biology Program?



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    A marine biology program is usually referring to a specific program offered at a college or university. It provides classes relevant to marine biology like oceanography, fish biology, and so on. It is the study of marine life. 

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    Marine biology programs may be offered at the bachelor’s, master’s, and doctoral degree levels. Marine biology is a very broad field that can encompass studies of ocean geology, chemistry, and physics. Disciplines like botany, microbiology, parasitology, zoology, genetics, virology, and epidemiology may also be incorporated into the curriculum. Students may explore saltwater environments like coral reefs, intertidal zones, or mangrove forests. They might focus their education on particular sea organisms, like algae, sharks or tropical fish. Marine biology programs typically involve laboratory work. Research is another common component of this type of academic program, particularly at the graduate level.

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