What is the March to Keep Fear Alive which is planned by Stephen Colbert?



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    It occured on October 30th, 2010 at the National Mall in Washington D.C. It was meant for just the average person to have their thoughts heard above the “15 – 20% of Americans who control the conservation.”  John Stewart and Stephen Colbert were the masterminds behind this.  

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    It was the greatest event ever.  Stephen Colbert’s a genius.

    Okay on to a more helpful answer: Colbert portrays a highly conservative ultra-patriotic character on his talk show which serves as an excellent foil to the common sense rationality Jon Stewart conveys on his program.  As part of Colbert’s character, he often satarizes (in character) right-wing politically-related celebrities or ideas.  Earlier that year a rather well-known religious right-wing media celebrity, Glenn Beck, held a “March to Restore Honor to America” and “the Tea Party” was also holding several rallies/protests throughout the country.  Many of the Tea Party rallies depicted extreme activists stating that Obama and his policies were destroying America.  Jon Stewart, in the style of his program, held the March to Restore Sanity as a counteraction to these events.  Colbert’s intent was the same as Stewart’s, but in line with the fictionalized character he portrays, he deemed his event “The March to Keep Fear Alive” as a parody of Glenn Beck’s March and the Tea Party rallies.  

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