What is the Mannahatta Project?



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    The Mannahatta Project is an exploration of what Manhattan was like before Henry Hudson arrived 400 years ago. They mapped the ecology and wildlife and have it displayed on a website where people can explore what it was like before and discuss about it. 

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    The Mannahatta Project is an endeavor by the Wildlife Conservation Society to map Manhattan as it was when Henry Hudson discovered it in 1609.  They are trying to find out where streams and trees were located, as well as how it generally looked at that time.  It is called Mannahatta because that is what the Lenni Lenape Native Americans referred to the area.  It means “land of many hills.”

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    The purpose of the project is to uncover the original ecology of New York before it was built on and eventually reclaim that natural legacy by making the data available to everyone. The ultimate goal is to create an urban ecosystem in which people can appreciate the value of nature in their daily lives. Mannahatta is the name they use to describe New York before settlers began paving over the landscape, as the first post pointed out, but they have also adapted the word using it to describe any pre-city habitat or ecosystem.

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