what mammal lives the longest



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    Whales are the longest living mammals.  The Bowhead whale has been known to live to at least 170 years old, maybe even 200 years old!  In a close second is that Fin whale that may live to be 114 years old.

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    Some research suggests that the Bowhead Whale can live 150-200 years.  Most online references list whales (Killer, Blue, Bowhead) as having the longest life expectancy. By way of reference most elephants can live up to 80 years in captivity.  

    From various research it seems that humans have a maximum lifespan of 105-122 years (average human life span is apx 80-85 years). Among non-mammals the Galapagos Tortoise lives 100-150 years, with the Box Turtle not far behind at 120 years.

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